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PR Pressure

One week from tonight and I’ll be prepping for my first half marathon in 2 1/2 years. I’m running the Half Marathon of the Harbors in Ventura, CA with my fast, skinny hubby.

As the day approaches, though, I’m finding myself obsessing over my time. I want to set a new PR (personal record). My half marathon PR is 2 hours and 50 minutes, and I set it at my very first race, the Carlsbad in January of 2007. I did nine halves from then to March of 2009 and never broke that time.

I’m 30 pounds lighter than the last time I ran a half. Shouldn’t that translate to at least 20 minutes off my time? Well, I’m pretty sure it won’t after today’s run. Today’s 10-miler took 1:56, and I gave it everything. It was the most physically grueling of all my training runs so far.

My training group (the Galloway Running group in Ventura County) has been running a 1:1 (1 minute run: 1 minute walk) for my level. So, although I’ve done the miles, they’ve been at a pace that’s almost comfortable. There’s effort involved, sure, but it’s not HARD by a long shot.

Today I ran a 4:1. Along the magnificent ocean no less. And the last four miles were filled with physical and mental challenges that I haven’t been experiencing in my training. The last mile I booked it. And it was only my brain that got me through.

So a PR next weekend? Probably, assuming things don’t tank somehow. But the 2:30 time I was hoping for when I started training? I’m pretty sure that’s a “no way.”

I’m mourning it already.


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  1. Having time goals is a good motivator, but the actual process of one foot in front of another, the sweat and grunt and motivation and determination to KEEP putting that foot in front of the other one is the victory! You are an absolute inspiration, love!


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