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Those non-spinning wheels are whispering…

Great day so far, starting with a nice, slow 3-mile run as the sun was coming over our hills. It made me think I need to bring my phone/camera on my runs just to take a picture of the sun on the hills. Today I had to work in the SF Valley (nice and close), and I packed what may become my new favorite breakfast food.

I made them ahead of time and added blueberries, threw it in a bowl, and drove to work. Then I sat in my car and dove in. The cereal is even better after you’ve waited a while–less mushy.

And that’s my lap, my gorgeous orange dress, and my seat belt because I’m safe like that.

When I’m home from work for just a half hour, my cousin asks about going to spin class, have I been she asks. Well, I haven’t been in at least a year. Since I started running again in November, I’ve been saving my legs. Well, that’s a good excuse anyway. The truth is I love the challenge of spin class, the copious amounts of sweat (so much I bring a beach towel & gym towel), and the loud, pounding music. So I’m going through my head all the reasons I shouldn’t go:

  1. I just got home. The kids have missed me. (actually they probably wouldn’t notice if I left again for class. They’re so into their own stuff.)
  2. My legs are still sore from the 10-mile run Saturday. I ran this morning.

And no. 2 brings it home. With my half marathon six days away, I shouldn’t be stressing my legs now.

For now I’ll enjoy how much I WANT to go to class. That in itself is a good sign, right?


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