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Sure feels like I’ve been racing around this week. Wednesday started out with my run which was supposed to be a slow and short one in advance of this weekend’s race. It was one of those runs where I felt like I hadn’t been training at all. It was grueling. I’m going to chalk it up to calorie restriction the day before. Seems as good a reason as any.

It was the kids’ first day of school, drop off kitties for neutering, followed by birthday breakfast (yay) for a friend where I brought my own Coach’s Oats with blueberries, Greek yogurt, and chia seeds. That was followed by an emotional meeting at the Alzheimer’s Association with a senior care consultant. My mom, cousin, and I were there talking about dad, caregiving, and planning. My father is only 66 and was diagnosed at age 62. All I can say is this is the cruelest disease.

Then on to birthday lunch (yay) which was healthy choices at Sharky’s, pick up kitties, pick up kiddies, followed by the first-day-of-school tradition of frozen yogurt. We went to my new favorite place, Yogurtland (insert harp music here) followed by an hour of homework for me from the kids’ schools.

After a healthy day of good choices, this was dinner:

That’s my Dominos pizza order. I paired it with:

Then we transitioned to Thursday, 2.5 hours of commuting, and healthy eating until dinner which was leftover pizza. And more wine.

And Friday where the scale went up 2 lbs. in a day. What? More commuting to work, shorter depo, and home in time to pick up the boy from middle school and eat my yogurt which today I mixed with cocoa powder, cocoa roast almonds, and cocoa rice cereal (yum).

And then home for the afternoon where I found the kitties did this while I was gone:

They are very talented, ripping apart a whole Lowe’s magazine. It wasn’t very good anyway.

Tonight and tomorrow need to be good choices leading up to my half marathon on Sunday. Wahoo! Thank goodness it’s at the beach. That’s my kind of weather.


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  1. Sounds like success. More good choices than bad — that’s my version of success, anyway!


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