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Better than a Hurricane!

That’s what one of the support staff yelled as we ran by at about  mile 6 this morning. Perfect!

We got to bed at 10:30 last night and were up at 4:00, so a little less sleep than I would have liked. I had my usual pre-race bagel thin and pb.

Followed by a stop at Starbucks because I’m a bitch without coffee caffeine enhances athletic performance.

We arrived at the race at 6:00 with a scheduled start of 7:00. My nerves were running high, and it was tough sitting in the car trying to distract myself. The event was well run, and there were maybe 500 (?) runners. This is right before start time:

I was apprehensive after last week’s horrible, debilitating challenging 10-mile run The weather was beautiful and sunny, though not hot. Thank you, ocean. On top of my nerves, I think within 300 yards I was passed by everyone and their grandmas and I wondered to Alan if I was literally going to be the last person in a race for the first time. We did a 4:1 run walk interval and kept our running pace between 10:15 and 11:30. After mile 6 I was able to relax and realize I wasn’t going to tank like last week. Halfway:

It’s nice you can’t see how sweaty I am! At mile 10 I put in both headphones and started skipping walk breaks. From 10 to 11 was my fastest mile, but I lost some steam and took a walk break at 11. From there I ran without stopping for walk breaks, but I slowed my pace. By the last quarter mile, when I could see the finish line, I didn’t have it in me to push it! That’s a first for me. I’ve always been able to really crank it that last bit. I did get pumped up like the last 100 yards with people cheering, and when I came across the finish line that big clock read 2:33:0? (can’t remember the very last #). I was smiling big but completely done.

I left it ALL out there.

That’s the way I want it! Here’s hubby and I in the parking lot after:

A nice couple who were happy to see another married couple running took this for us. We scooted over to my parents’ in Ventura to pick up our kids take an ice bath. We went to Mimi’s Cafe for breakfast and I had a tiny bit to eat:

Caesar salad, 1/2 a club sandwich, corn chowder & buttermilk spice muffin (but only half. I SHARED)

And there’s the PRETTY! And, oh yeah, I passed a bunch of people!


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  1. Your blog is so refreshingly real. And your use of the strike through feature, so witty. Wondering if I have that on my phone.


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