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Blogging Requires Makeup

But more on that later. The past couple of days my body has been recovering from Sunday’s race. I’m feeling good, but my eating has gotten “sloppy.” I’ve had healthy, yummy stuff like these Coach’s Oats pancakes I made and topped with Greek yogurt and strawberries.

I apparently licked the lens of my camera before taking the picture, though I must have been so hungry I blacked out and don’t remember it.

Today it’s back on track eating healthfully most of the time. I have two depos, the first one starting at 11:00, which gives me time for coffee with my friend before work. When I work, I pack a lot of small snacks and eat throughout the day because I never know if these attorneys will give me a lunch break my schedule is so variable, so I don’t end up with “meals” per se.

This weekend we did a little costume-related shopping. Hubby and brother and I are doing the Gladiator Rock’n’Run in Pasadena on 10/1 and are planning on dressing up. Well, my brother and I are and Alan’s going along with us. It’s a 10K with obstacles like low crawling in the mud, an eight-foot wall, and running the Rose Bowl steps to name a few.

Here I am looking for inspiration:

I could gore my competitors with the horns!

And I’m all for getting a shirt that says “I run for tequila.”

Hi-larious! This is the one my brother likes. The boys would wear this with those t-shirts that show muscles

And I could improv a white dress and headress.

This is where makeup comes in. Geesh. I look like a happy corpse! Maybe I should put my face on before I leave the house at least some lipstick was in order.

What’s your costume idea?


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  1. You are hilarious, and an inspiration, and a really hot mama. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and humor. 🙂


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