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What the flax?

Yesterday was a busy day: little trip to Trader Joe’s, coffee with a friend, 2 depositions that ran from 11:00 to 5:00, a mammogram, and dinner and a movie with friends. No wonder I woke up tired! I did, however, do a nice, slow 1/2 hour run since I’m in my taper week before the Disneyland half this weekend.

At TJ’s I could only buy things that weren’t refrigerated so I picked up some granola, Kashi, and these:

I need snacks I can carry with me that have protein and fuel my lust for peanut butter.  I showed the top bar to one of the attys in depo, and he thought I was giving it to him. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! But I just sat and figured it’s worth $1.30 and another trip to TJ’s to engender good will and gain another possible client.

I also picked up toasted flax seeds.

Sorry that I look like a dufus, but the program wouldn’t rotate the pic. I’ve never had flax seeds before, but I branched out with chia seeds last week (pretty much no taste and a little crunch was my verdict.)

I added them to my Coach’s Oats this morning, along with blueberries and Greek yogurt. Yes, I feel I am the queen of antioxidants today.

I could definitely taste these. I used 1 tbsp. because it’s 90 (!) calories for the 2-tbsp serving. Overall I didn’t care for the toasted taste in my oats, but I would definitely use them on a salad or on veggies.

I’m frustrated with my increasing size and was thinking next week, after the half, I’ll start focusing on food since I don’t necessarily want to calorie-restrict right now. Then it occured to me that’s a big, fat excuse, and I decided to start today, using my handy-dandy journal since I find the app on my phone too much a pain in the ass cumbersome.

That’s one page, people. I figure you get the point.

And I picked up just another little thing at TJ’s.

Wouldn’t you have?


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  1. I love that Think Thin pb bar!
    And I just picked up some flax seed, too. I have yet to try it though. I read somewhere it has to be ground to get the goodness — have you heard that?

  2. I buy ground flax seed w/ omega 3 from Whole Foods. I add it to fruit smoothies. You can add it to baked goods too.


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