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Somebody Get This Freakin’ Clown off my Back!

Today is a fabulous day because I got my hair done. Cut, colored, no visible greys, and the best scalp and neck massage. I almost moaned out loud, but I stopped myself. This is what a hot mama looks like sitting on her couch avoiding housework working on her blog.

I probably should have put on some lipstick. Or get better at taking pictures.

On the way home from the salon I was hungry. It had been four hours since I’d eaten my pumpkin/Coach’s Oats pancakes with pumpkin Greek yogurt & chia seeds.

I really, really wanted McDonald’s. I really, really wanted a greasy burger and those amazing fries and a big Coke Zero. And it’s funny that I wasn’t making excuses justifying getting them. I simply wanted them, so I could get them. This is SO working opposite my goals. This is SO not the choice I want to make. I just WANT it, like a spoiled baby.

I was so frustrated by my desire that I got tears in my eyes sitting in the car.

I examined what else I could do. I thought about blogging that I got McDonald’s and feeling like a failure for EVERYONE to see. I decided I’d make myself a burger for lunch. I drove to Trader Joe’s and looked for lean beef or turkey or even a veggie burger. They didn’t have the Boca grilled burgers (which Hungry Girl says are best). They did however have these American Style Kobe burgers:

Apparently American Style means you want to have a big, fat ass large portion and the number of calories in a milkshake.

In case you need glasses your monitor’s dirty, that’s 660 calories and 56 grams of fat. Um, no thanks. I’d rather actually get the milkshake. I got these instead.

These were half as big and 150 calories. I wanted to make my burger yummy, so I picked up some blue cheese that I could put on with A1 sauce. Yum.

I have been stalking the girl on reading RunEatRepeat, and she’s had green bean fries a couple of times. That sounded like something I could go along with, so I picked up some green beans too. I hustled home and started cooking. I found a green bean recipe on AllRecipes that was yummy

These were special because they were washed and cleaned. Apparently somebody wants all the bases covered. Here is my yummy, homemade not greasy, filled with oil or artificial stuff lunch. It took a million times little longer than driving through McDonald’s. I have even more dirty dishes to do now. But I’m happy to have gone through the struggle and discomfort of not giving in to what I want just because I want it, and maybe I’ve gotten just a little bit of the weight of Ronald McDonald off my back.

What’s weighing you down?


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  1. Way to power through it Les. Love reading your posts. xo


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