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Goofy Race Recap*

I’m here to tell you all about the Disneyland Half I did on Sunday. Yay me! Or not-so-yay for you if you’re not interested!

When my friend Trish decided she wanted to do the Disneyland Half (DH) for her 40th birthday, I was thrilled to be able to join her for her first half marathon. I had done the DH in 2007 and 2008 but in general wasn’t very interested in it mostly because it’s so ridiculously expensive. Here we are Saturday morning before leaving home, kids, and husbands.

We drove to the Dland Hotel where the expo to shop pick up our race bibs and shirts was. The bib pickup was under the convention area, and the rug leading into it was designed like a track (so cute) with racing characters.

So I made asked Trish to pose with Goofy (her fave).  The great thing about Trish is she’s up for pretty much anything ridiculous, goofy, silly, etc. That made for costume planning early on in our training. I’d never dressed up for a race, and I was very enthusiastic about it.

Super-cute bibs, baby!

We wandered around shopping. My favorite booth was probably One More Mile. Here are my dream shirts since I don’t have an unlimited budget.

But I could afford this sticker.

We saw some people we know from MouseAdventure while we were at the expo, and I also got some flashing blinky light thingies to wear when I’m running at dawn. We sat in the expo and ate our Subway sandwiches we had bought on the way down. From there we went to our hotel for a while to relax and prep for the next day before our 5:30 dinner with our team. We were going to watch the new Pirates of the Carribean on pay per view, but it was $17.00. It did not come with a hot pirate stripper to our room and, therefore, wasn’t worth the moolah. So we watched Jane Eyre (which was on sale and had nobody hot in it at all).

Dinner was at Catal at Downtown Disney, where the chef had made a couple pre-run dishes. I had whole-wheat pasta with chicken meatballs and heirloom Towmaters (haha). The food was good but not amazing. However, the cocktail menu was blowing me away. I had to fold it over so I couldn’t see it. Lookie at this drink:

Spanish for “dove”. 1800 Reposado tequila, agave nectar, fresh lime and grapefruit juices, club soda 12

*see above sticker

Thank goodness the company at dinner was so fabulous that I wasn’t crying in my water over missing tequila. After dinner was a little window shopping and back to the hotel where I spent the evening reading. (this book, which was really good: The 19th Wife

The alarm was set for 3:30, but I was awake at 3:10. In-room coffee is the key here. We dressed up got our running gear on and walked to the stage at the start area to meet with our Galloway running team. I won’t post pics of everyone since I don’t have permission, but our group had a Snow White, a beautiful pink fairy, and Tron (custom costume with light-up wire and everything). Trish and I were incredibles.

This would be way cuter if the bags of stuff weren’t at our feet. It was fun seeing costumes. I didn’t expect it, but people wanted to take pictures with us. I made them pay me a dollar said that was great! At 5:00 it was time to get into our corrals. We slowly made our way over with the crowds. Once in the corral, we met up with our neighbor Mike who got into the race at the last minute. He was jazzed to be Mr. (polygamous) Incredible. So our group was going to be six strong running the race together, doing a 2:1 run/walk interval. The national anthem was sung (tear time), and fireworks went off for the start of the race. We were in corral E and went over the start line around 25 minutes after the official start.We wove our way through the back of California Adventure. Here we are by Tower of Terror. I love this picture! I’m yelling thanking the CA Adventure employees cheering us on, and Trish is super cute.

The race ran through CA Adventure and then into Dland and up Main Street. It went all over the park and through backstage areas–a lot of them! There were characters and floats to take pictures with which was our original plan. But the lines were, like, 20 people long. It was either take pictures and break off from our group and have the race take 3:30 or stay with our group and not take pictures. No pictures for us.  But if The Incredibles had been out there, that would have been a different story!

I was definitely sagging during the run intervals around mile 6-7. I told Vera and we slowed our pace. At least that’s what I thought until I saw the splits for the race which show we got faster. Whatever! It felt slower, and that’s what counts. Until almost mile 10 it’s pretty boring, but the “fans” and bands and cheerleaders out were great. When we rounded to turn for Angels Stadium, I had goosebumps. The lead in to the stadium is lined with Boy and Girl Scouts. They are so fantastic! Lots of high-fives and smiles.

Then it was stadium time.

We ran the edges of the field and saw ourselves on the Jumbotron and back out until we hit…

And then we just kept running. Vera (our fearless running group leader) offered to run Trish in at her fastest pace for the last mile, but Trish chose to stay with me (sweet) so we could finish together. The next three miles are uneventful. Within a mile of the finish, I say I’ll try to start skipping our walk breaks to run it in fastah. My favorite fan sign from that time? “I’m very proud of you too, total stranger.”

We had an oomph for the finish, passing people and running it in, Trish and I holding hands up high over the finish line. It was great! Then came the bling, baby!

We hung out for a while with our group, eating bagels and bananas, and then headed to Jamba Juice for some protein in a smoothie. Then we walked a mile and a half back to our hotel to shower. Good idea before an hour-long drive.

It was an amazing conclusion to what’s been an unforgettable few months training with Trish. If it weren’t for the fact she’s a skinny bitch more slender person and faster than me, we’d be running soul mates since we push each other in different ways, me pushing her to ditch her left brain a bit and her pushing me to ditch my music and tune in to the people and sights around me.

Everyone needs some Goofy in their lives!

*edited to add this is not a recap of the official Goofy Walt Disney World race (which is a half marathon Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday), but I do have that on the calendar for 2013.


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  1. This sounds awesome! And good for g^# damned you for doing it!
    ( *see how I hid the profanity. Only for you!)

  2. You and this post are “Incredible”!


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