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Pour Some Sugar on Me!

Pour Some Sugar on Me!

I’m back from lovely, fabulous, fun Walt Disney World. My computer screen didn’t spontaneously heal itself, but I am going to choose to view it as half full instead of half empty. I miss my blog, so I’ll just manage.

I had dessert after dessert at “the World.” I’m focusing now on just a couple things and will do a bigger trip recap later. Here is one little morsel:

That’s Bailey’s Irish Cream and Whiskey mousse, our dessert from the Coral Reef restaurant at EPCOT. Here is a picture of one of our dining companions, this awesome turtle who spent almost the entire meal hanging out in this area.

What I did discover this trip is the more sugar I ate, the more I wanted. It was an interesting realization, and I took no action on it until now, at home. I gained a LOT of weight over the past week and a half, but I’ve also been spending a lot of time with me, myself, and I in my head talking about what’s holding me back. Of course, I did not plan on losing weight this trip–at all! So my plan for today is to eat the volume of food I want (ie no calorie restriction) but eat no processed sugar and make healthy choices.

This morning breakfast was my Coach’s oats with blueberries and Greek yogurt. Oh, how I missed this on my trip. Lunch was TLC crackers, laughing cow cheese, an apple followed by snack an hour later of pineapple Greek yogurt and cashews.

I know it looks like I’m in a cave or something. Whatever.

I love that Alan took this picture of me!I’m pretty much always asking people if they want me to take a picture of them together. Alan calls it my part-time job.

It was super hot and humid this time of year. I’ll never go back in September again. So we had to hydrate. A lot.

This is at Raglan Road, our favorite WDW restaurant. We have gone there every trip for the live music and Irish dancing. I even tricked Alan into going twice this trip by saying “hey, let’s go see what movies are playing” and then suggesting we bide our time with drinks at Raglan Road before the movie which subconsiously I had not intention of ever seeing.

I did get a lot of kisses this trip too.

And on this trip I realized I’m THAT GIRL. Know who “that girl” is? She’s the one who, despite eating like crazy and drinking even crazier, despite the air that feels like soup, despite her hubby not being the least bit interested, is going to go out and run anyway. I just HAD to get out and exercise, and I ended up going on two three-mile runs. My last one I finished off by doing a mile on the treadmill (ah, sweet air conditioning) with no walk breaks at a 10:00 pace. Yep, I’m that girl, and I’m on my way to becoming even more awesome.


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